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Jul 07, 2013, 08:28 IST | Vishal Mathur

An excellent television, but the extra features of the Samsung 7500 Smart TV are a bit overhyped, says Vishal Mathur

Samsung has been busy making subtle design tweaks to their Smart TV range. The F7500 has an ultra-slim bezel around the screen, giving the illusion of an edge-to-edge display. The build quality is exquisite.

The 46-inch version that we tested is just 34.4-mm thick. On the top side sits the front facing camera, that is used for motion and gesture controls, as well as when you might be using an app like Skype.

Samsung has implemented the Micro Dimming Ultimate backlight feature, which makes scenes with major shadow areas look a lot more detailed. Sharpness of the reproduced picture was definitely among the best across Television sets we have tested.

With the sharpness slider set to just 10 percent, the scene was adequately crisp for HD content. Colour reproduction is soft and sophisticated, unlike the overbearing reds on certain Sony Bravia TVs. The 800Hz motion engine makes a difference for the better when watching an action movie with fast moving scenes.

The much touted improvement in the Series 7 is the 1.3GHz quad-core processor, up from the dual core one found on the 2012 series. We really didn’t see much difference in performance or the speed at which basic TV tasks were accomplished, like changing input sources. Apps feel a lot quicker though, and load time for games is reduced considerably.

The redesigned remote is the epitome of minimalism, and only has the essential keys. The integrated touchpad is very useful when using the apps or the web browser on the TV.

Motion gestures is a rather neat feature to have and show off. However, there are certain issues with it, even now. Though it is in the second generation of evolution, there are still inconsistencies in terms of response. Secondly, you need to stand a few feet away from the TV for gestures to be detected and take effect. This begs the need for a sufficiently big room with enough distance between the TV and the couch.

Size: 46-inch
Resolution: LED 3D TV
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Connectivity: Wi-Fi
Dimensions: 1,037.0 x 650.7 x 257.0mm
Weight: 15.7kg

>> Smart TV features usually remain criminally underutilized at home
>>Gesture control may not be deployed on a regular basis

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