The Black Cat - Sapna Bhavnani, scouted out of the Bigg Boss house

Jan 05, 2013, 07:52 IST | The Hitlist Team

Being the Alag contestant this season, Sapna Bhavnani's unannounced spurts of madness kept everyone in the house entertained

Her sudden outburst on Siddhu-ji during the military task suddenly shocked everyone since, her closeness with Siddhu-ji was apparent to all.

There were times when she overdid it, and it resulted into rows which made the highlights of the season. For example her fight with Rajev a couple of days back in the house came out of a simple conflict over duties. While she and Rajev were good pals, Sapna forgot it all and pounced on him as soon as he backed out.

She almost had a hand-to-hand fight with Urvashi during a task and her on-and-off fights and patch ups with Imam were a normal occurrence in the house.

Sapna’s various mood swings and being strict towards doing tasks, made all the contestants maintain a distance from her, except one – Aseem Trivedi. More known and less said about the two, Aseem was apple of her eye. She mourned his exit the most and started the rant about leaving the house as soon as Aseem was out of the house.

During her stay in the house, she gave almost everyone a haircut and a makeover, making the housemates look young and rejuvenated.

Opening up about her personal life on the show, Sapna did not spare Salman Khan either and spoke to an extent that the superstar ensured he ignored her. As she leaves the house, she takes back a lot more memories and a few new friends from the house.

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