The brouhaha about eating meat

Jan 16, 2014, 01:43 IST | Kanika Sharma

Pick the recently-launched, The Obliterary Journal Vol 2 by Blaft Publications, that turns issues of non-vegetarianism and political protests into inane madness on their head

Manta Ray presents, On Making Wet Food at Home for Your Growing Kittens by Prabha Mallya. It has a touch of magic realism and a conundrum where a conjoined twin is a vegetarian unlike his double. Pics courtesy/ Blaft Publications and Tranquebar Press

“Obliterary Journal Volume 2 is about eating meat. It’s tied up with caste, religion, culture, politics and family. We have put together a mix of totally goofball comics, serious and thought-provoking pieces, infographics and mythology — a wide variety of takes on the theme,” shares Rakesh Khanna, co-editor of Volume 2 and founder of Blaft Publications.

Leg Piece by Durrrk Mixer Grinder Serial no 30277XM03. The story is about how a leg piece combats alien idlis in cowboy style.

The graphic novel is a mixed bag that has several highlights including an English translation of a 200-year-old Urdu poem called Choohon ka Achaar (Mouse Pickle) by Musharraf Ali Farooqi and Michelle Farooqi (his wife). Khanna informs, “The poem is by Nazeer Akbarabadi, and it's a gross-out piece, totally over-the-top, all about eating rotting rat eyeballs and gutter muck.” Speaking of which, an issue on meat seemed bizarre. Khanna explains, “Personally I’ve always been a non-vegetarian (my mom’s side of the family are beef cattle ranchers, and I love kebabs and steak) but at the same time I have serious ethical issues with some factory farming practices, and I’m a bit conflicted about it,” shares Khanna. Both Khanna and Rashmi Ruth Devdasan — the editors favour “The Legend of U Thlen, a morbid Khasi folktale from Meghalaya retold by Kynpham Sing Nongkynrih and illustrated by Aratrika Choudhary.

Nochikuppam Fisherwoman Comic # 1 by X Kumar. The fun photo-collages profile fisherwomen who are non “ Fair + Lovely and Size Zero”

The Obliterary Journal Vol 2 — Non-Veg, Blaft Publications and Tranquebar Press, R795. Available at

How To Make A Bitch Give Up Beef, words by Meena Kandasamy and art by Samita Chatterjee. The infographic lists various strategies against vegetarianism linked with the Osmania University protests as well as women in the country

Cover of The Obliterary Journal Volume 2

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