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Jun 23, 2015, 08:37 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Web host and photographer, Shraddha Kadakia will be conducting a special workshop on the business and marketing side of photography, this weekend

Dressed in jeans, T-shirt, a multi-pocketed jacket, and with a large tripod in her hand; at times, she negotiates tall grass to find the perfect angle, and on other occasions, she is atop a moving crane. Mumbai-based photographer Shraddha Kadakia's focus and dedication to her craft is commendable. Founder of the Just Click Image Making Company as well as the host of the Web TV show, Shoot It Right, she has been sharing her knowledge and insights on photography, on the web for a while now. This weekend, Kadakia will conduct a special workshop that will explore the marketing and business side of photography.

Shraddha Kadakia
Shraddha Kadakia

What to expect
"I believe in spreading awareness about photography," says Kadakia, who founded her company nearly 10 years ago. When we ask if it was the same desire that motivated her to launch her own Web TV show, Shoot It Right, to which she says, "While
conducting physical workshops, I could reach out to 50-100 people at once, but with online, there's no such limit."

Her show, Shoot It Right, which started in April 2013 has generated 298,580 views and has more than 1,700 subscribers. The YouTube channel offers insights on everything related to photography — from the basics of DSLR, to advanced techniques on capturing monsoon, nature trails and other areas.

But Kadakia says that a lot has changed in the last few years, especially for commercial photographers, and hence, the need to adapt accordingly. "When I started a decade ago, people were interested in photography only, but now they are asking for more professional YouTube type videos," she explains.

Her upcoming workshop hopes to introduce upcoming photographers to different business and marketing opportunities and challenges that may emerge in the field. "Every two years, we need to add new verticals to be able to give our clients more options in visual communication. I started as a photographer, but we have expanded into several other areas, including consultancy to setup in-house videos, conducting workshops. With e-commerce there's a huge demand for visual materials," she adds.

On :June 27, 10 am to 1 pm
At: Just CLick Image Making Company, 14, second floor, Municipal Industrial Estate, Vallabh Bhai Road, Vile Parle (W).

Make the most of your mobile phone

>> Step up your camera resolution: Go to your camera settings and step up its resolution. You will not be able to spot a difference in the phone, but it will be more evident on a larger screen.
>> Try low-angle shots: Clicking from a low angle gives a different feel to the picture. Point and shoot is very mainstream. Try something different.

Selfie stick

>> Tell a story: Travelling can be hectic but at times, you can make a story with a few pictures. Choose a number, lets say ten. Now, from one destination to the other, click pictures of whatever seems significant to you. Later, choose the best ten and use Photo Grid to make a single picture of your journey.
>> Use panaroma: One of the least exploited features in most smart phone cameras, Panaroma, allows you to take wide-angle pictures. It’s tough but keep your hand steady, click start and carefully move to the direction shown on your screen and, you have just got yourself a lovely panorama shot.
>> Try silhouettes: Vacations are the best time to try silhouettes. Silhouettes are photographs which blackout the main subject by highlighting the background. They are easy to click with smartphones.
>> Avoid keeping the subject in the centre of the picture: Place the subject either in the lower left or the top right of the screen.
>> Make use of the golden hours: Want a picture with an awesome background? Try to capture pictures during the golden hours of light — the first and last hour of sunlight — you’ll be astonished with what you click.
>> Let light fall on the subject from behind you: When clicking a picture, let the light fall on the subject from behind you. This technique will help you get a nice bright and detailed picture without any overexposure. Use a flash if you must.


For your tool kit
>> Selfie Stick: It might not sound important but imagine that you’re at a beach with your friends, the sun is setting and the scenery is perfect. If you’ve got a selfie stick, whip it out to get a mesmeric picture.
>> Power Bank: The last thing you want is your phone flashing ‘Low Battery’.  Invest in a 10,400 mAh battery, that is available at a reasonable price.
>> Memory card: Get yourself a memory card with a large space. 16GB or 32GB
>> Handy Pouch: A pouch large enough to carry all your camera equipment comes handy. You can keep a charger, a selfie stick, power bank and other essentials.

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