The Canada connect

Jun 06, 2013, 23:19 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

The beautiful Neha Dhupia who was in Vancouver, Canada recently for an event spent a lot of time exploring the sights and sounds of the city.

Her parents were also there to give her company. She shares her experience with CS:

Neha at a Japanese hot dog place

Wow Vancouver
Vancouver is a great city. It welcomes everyone with open arms. People of all ages can find some exciting activity or the other to indulge in. The weather’s great and infrastructure superb. The city has retained its European charm, which adds to the experience.

She poses on the ice at Whistler

Chilling truth
The weather was really cold, so we had to don the overcoats, boots, gloves, caps, etc. But it was quite brilliant as well. For someone who is not used to such weather, braving the cold and having fun was quite a high.

On a trip to Capilano Park

Nature’s bounty
We went for sightseeing to places like Shannon Falls, Whistler, Victoria, Capillano Bridge, etc. The city has a number of cherry blossom parks, where cherry trees burst into a spectacular show of pink blossoms. Many of these trees were gifted to Vancouver by Japan since the 1930s. The Shannon Falls is the third highest falls in the district. It is a park area. Whistler is famous for winter sports like ice-skating.

Taking a break with her parents

Family fun
Being with your family anywhere in the world is a special feeling. We enjoyed long walks in the city and soaked in the aerial views on our seaplane ride. Shouting on the Capillano Bridge was also a lot of fun. Vancouver has a huge Punjabi community and they are crazy about Bollywood to say the least.

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