The case of two Bikaners

Aug 11, 2014, 08:34 IST | Dhara Vora

Two sweetmeat stores within striking distance of each other in Bhandup bear the same name, Bikaner. The reviewer bug in us drew us to visit both the stores to solve this curious similarity

At work, we always bless the multi-faceted chaat-meets-sweetmeat store near our office for providing respite after a tough day of battling deadlines.


While many such stores have sprung up in the city (that sell everything from dahi puri to apple cider vinegar), two stores on LBS Marg in Bhandup (W) teased for a visit. The reason being that both went by the same name (Bikaner), and were located in adjacent blocks of the same road.

The Strawberry Barfi was delicious
The Strawberry Barfi was delicious

After casual queries, we learnt from the respective owners that it was sheer coincidence, and the real reason is that Bikaner is traditionally known for its sweets. Hence it is a popular name choice among mithaiwalas in the city.

At the first store (Bikaner Snacks Corner), we tried a Dahi Kachori (Rs 20), which turned out to be a tad soggy. Fortunately, the interesting-looking Strawberry Barfi (Rs 460 per kg) was yum; we will return to pick up a kilo of this sweet during Ganesh Chaturthi. At the second outlet, called Original Bikaner (they have another outlet, also in Bhandup), we tried tasty mini Kothmir Wadis and Khandvi (both Rs 20 for100 gm).

Our favourite here was the Elaichi Lassi (Rs 20), which was just as we like it, sweet with a little flavour (here courtesy the elaichi). Their Rabdi (Rs 30) is served in a cup, and was overtly sweet despite a good consistency. And so, after a sweet feast, the curious case of two Bikaners was solved.

At: Original Bikaner, opposite Shera Hotel; Bikaner Snack Corner opposite Asian Paints, LBS Road, Bhandup (W).
Original Bikaner and Bikaner Snacks Corner didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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