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Jul 11, 2015, 08:39 IST | The Guide Team

It’s the beginning for Delhi outfit Peter Cat Recording Co who’ve released a new album, Climax. Rohan Kulshreshtha who plays the bass, talks music and being Indie

Q. What is Climax about?
A. It’s more of Space Jazz and Techno sounds. There will also be a second part to the album set for release later. We had composed several songs and there was some similarity between these songs so we put them together on this album.

Peter Cat Recording Co. Pic courtesy/Ajay GuptaPeter Cat Recording Co. Pic courtesy/Ajay Gupta

Q. In what way do you feel has your music progressed since your first album?
A. We have all branched out to do our separate solo projects and exploring different sounds, so when we come together (for Peter Cat) it brings a different perspective.

Q. When it comes to publicising your music and exposure on television, how supportive is the scenario for new artistes?
A. Television is capitalising on the Independent music scene; you give your videos for free. With the Internet, you can watch entire live sets from anywhere be it Glastonbury or The Burning Man, or albums too. But as far is releasing one’s music goes, it’s better to release music on your own as you have the control on your content. Once someone buys our music from our website, we have their email id, so the next time we have new music, or a gig, we can connect with them directly and the communication continues even after the purchase of the music. In some cases, being with a record label does help, but the main problem is that it is not dynamic. Once published, a certain number of CDs are made, and there’s no way to figure how many are sold, and you interact with the label maybe once in a year. It’s not possible to become a millionaire overnight, but with self-published music any one can download your music. But it’s also vital to be consistent, create good content regularly and put something out there in addition to live shows.

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