The citric Kumbava

Aug 07, 2013, 11:05 IST | Kanika Sharma

The much-hyped cafe at Bandra's Art Loft gallery has opened doors to a gleaming atmosphere though the healthy fare fails to dazzle our palates

Slumbering on a muggy August afternoon was our idea of a Sunday. But digging into an aesthetically vibrant café got us out of our cat-like languor wishing for an appetising fare. Slithering along the undulating streets in Bandra’s quaint Runwar village, we arrived at our destination. Fresh and white, the place matches the idiosyncratic factor of its surroundings. With gunny sacks as panelling for its doors and discarded tin holders for potting plants, the place played with interesting elements. The seating is what we appreciated as from sofas to plastic woven chairs; groups of various sizes could scooch in.

Interiors of the Kumbava Café exude a positive vibe as you step in

Plus, the palette of black, white and grey with bursts of pink and neon green looked elegant and zesty at the same time. Our last point to goad is the bare, stick arrangements that lend chequered privacy. Way past brunch time, we looked about at the menu chalked in front of us and ordered for a Watermelon and Pomegranate juice (`130), a Fresh Lime Soda (`80), a Chicken Curry Crumble (`350) and a Chicken Tex Mex Sandwich (`230). The beverages soon arrived and helped in cooling the balmy us. Our juice was unlike the chunky watermelon juice one is served all over the city. Still, we liked our mix. The Fresh Lime Soda was also zesty getting us suitably revved up for the course.

The Chicken Curry Crumble served with brown bread failed to provoke our nibble into a hog

Our Tex Mex arrived after a good, lengthy wait until then we thrummed to the ballroom classes happening in the room in front of us. Intriguingly, on a slate like tablet, our sandwich with boiled, julienned potatoes and carrots were served. The filling was sandwiched in pavs which we are quite sure don’t figure in any of the dietician’s approved feed. Also, as we sunk our teeth into the luscious pav, the filling had none of its spicy hit we would expect a Tex Mex to have. The Chicken Curry Crumble a la Thai cuisine had its generous share of lemongrass.

The baked mashed potatoes of the crumble lacked the punch to tingle our palate. As we left it halfway disappointed, our attendant struggled with the stone tablet -- a cumbersome idea, maybe? An assiduous recommendation of the Bitter Chocolate Mousse was served promptly with sliced pistachios on top.

Consistent, rich and pleasurable, we liven up to the dish that always makes one happy. Being a new thing from the line, the delightful decadence was on the house. All in all, this exuberant place needs to tweak its taste in food much like its ambiance.

At Kumbava Café, 37, Waroda Road, Bandra (W).
Call 9819132958

Kumbava Café didn’t know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals. 

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