The clientele in Delhi appreciates luxury and detailed craftsmanship

Jul 23, 2014, 14:19 IST | Ruchika Kher

A candid chat with fashion designer Manish Malhotra

Your love affair with all things retro and even vintage has been on for a couple of seasons now. What is it about the past that fascinates you so much and how did you integrate it in your Couture Week collection?
What fascinates me the most is the charm that the by gone era holds, the certain sereneness that makes everything look timeless. My collection, Portraits, was inspired with a desire to capture moments of beauty and make them timeless. The collection is reminiscent of past eras and hallowed traditions but is conveyed in the language of today. I was inspired by the Indian new age-bride whilst creating this collection. She is a woman of today – individualistic and inspired, yet elegant.

Manish Malhotra with Sonakshi Sinha

Several designers have shown an inclination to show their collections in Delhi and say there is more business there. What is your take?
Couture week, which takes place in the Capital is the only platform available to a couturier for showcasing their high end couture garments and craftsmanship. Also, since the clientele in Delhi appreciates luxury and detailed craftsmanship, this is our way of reciprocating the love that we constantly get from them.

Couture week also provides a platform to expose the audience to the evolution of the brand. Just as individual fashion tastes evolve, so does the brand and this evolution needs to take into account the new sensibilities. To that end, couture week has maintained its essence and stuck to its roots of promoting couture and craftsmanship in every sense.

Manish Malhotra with Alia Bhatt and Aditya Roy Kapoor showcase Malhotra's Couture Week collection
Manish Malhotra with Alia Bhatt and Aditya Roy Kapoor showcase Malhotra's Couture Week collection

We have been catering to our customers in Delhi for quite some time now by having our garments available at niche multi-designer stores – and have been consistently receiving a phenomenal response from the capital. Last year we launched our first stand-alone store in New Delhi in a haveli that spreads across 7000 sq.ft, this was our way of giving back the love the label has received all this while and also to ensure the brides in the capital gets the complete Manish Malhotra experience as a part of their special day.

What are the must-haves for a new bride?
For the day- what could be better than going back to the purest form of craftsmanship with old world (yellow) gold dust lehenga paired with ruby red, contemporary ivory thread work

> Make up to be subtle and must compliment the outfit and not over power it

> A garment with a touch of mirror work on emerald greens and beige - which is elegantly timeless. And timeless is the new trend this season.

>A poised, confident smile

Manish Malhotra recently showcased his couture collection in Delhi a the India Couture Week

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