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Apr 09, 2016, 10:31 IST | Anand Benegal

Veteran comic book publisher Paul Gravett has "done everything except write or draw one". Here's a peak into his storybook this far

The recent surge in the popularity of comic book characters can be attributed to the host of films and television series featuring characters of Marvel and DC comics, believes Paul Gravett, veteran comic book publisher, who will be speaking in the city, this Sunday. Gravett is the brain behind cult '80s UK magazine Escape, and has worked on several anthologies and Manga comic too.

1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die
1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die

Marvel vs DC
Gravett began his journey as a self-confessed Marvel-ite, his world changing when Jack Kirby left Marvel for its rival, DC, in 1970. This spurred him on to explore DC, and eventually, the independent and alternative comic book industry, where he has worked ever since.

Paul Gravett
Paul Gravett

Although Paul still enjoys the two publications giants, he wishes they came up with more new material. He feels that Marvel has had a better continuity since the 1960s-70s and that movies such as Ant-man and Guardians of the Galaxy have surprised everyone by their success with niche characters. But Paul himself does not wish to invest that kind of time, energy, and money on big comic universes. Instead, he prefers one-shot comic books with hard-hitting storytelling.

India gone graphic
"Graphic novels in India are doing very well. In India, even the most mainstream of publishers such as HarperCollins and Penguin seem to encourage innovation and are independent in spirit," he says. Gravett recommends works such as Adi Parva and Kari by Amruta Patil, Corridor by Sarnath Banerjee and enjoys politically charged content in Vishwajyoti Ghosh's comic strips.

When asked about the theme of Sunday's discussion, he laughs, "I haven't been terribly confined." He promises to discuss new developments and forms of innovation taking place in the comic book world. Whether it is the mainstream comic book world or more exciting and contemporary works, Sunday's discussion promises to be an enlightening one for graphic novel enthusiasts.

On: April 10, 3 pm onwards
At: Leaping Windows, 3 Corner View, off Yari Road, opposite Bianca Towers, Versova, Andheri (W).
Call: 9769998972

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