The concept of Sundays has vanished from my life: Ayushmann

Mar 07, 2013, 08:37 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Ayushmann Khurrana on how life has changed for him and on his recent Best Singer awards

“It’s a double whammy,” says Ayushmann Khurrana when asked him about his recent playback awards. Post the release of Vicky Donor, life has been hectic for Ayushmann who has been travelling non-stop for shoots. In between, he’s composing and singing songs for his films. Simply put, Ayushmann is on a song...

Ayushmann Khurrana
Pic/Santosh Nagwekar

Did the playback awards take you by surprise?
The award for the Best Singer feels good. Of course, it was totally unexpected. As a kid, I never aspired to become a singer. It was something I did when I was in theatre. My focus was always on acting. But I will be singing in my future films as well, I have sung two songs in my release. I think it really shows when an actor is actually singing the tracks in a film. It gives it a lot of credibility.

How has your life changed post Vicky Donor?
Totally! I have done TV, hosted shows and cricket broadcasts but cinema has given a kind of respect and fan following that I never experienced before. I want to give my best to all those who have loved me so much. Like any other newcomer, I too have directors I would love to work with. Imtiaz Ali and Aditya Chopra are two of my favourites.

Do you feel the pressure of delivering yet another blockbuster now?
No I am not feeling any kind of pressure. I used to worry a lot about my future after Vicky Donor became a huge hit… like whether I will be able to repeat my success. What kind of work will I get and so on. But the industry has welcomed me warmly and I am getting some great roles. When you are working 24x7 where’s the time to think so much? (Laughs out loud). Also, Rohan Sippy and Kunal Roy Kapoor are great to work with. While Rohan is an extremely classy filmmaker, Kunal is a naturally expressive person.

You are doing a rom-com again. Do you think that you’ll get slotted?
I think it is unfair to label Vicky Donor as a comedy film. Though the first half was light-hearted, the second part was quite serious. My upcoming film also has a heavy romantic angle. So, I don’t think I am a comic actor.

Has your heavy work schedule affected your personal life?
(Laughs out loud) I hardly spend time at home nowadays and I hardly go out for parties. The concept of Sundays has vanished from my life. Since the past one month, I am stationed in Delhi. I have been literally living out of suitcases. My wife and family are extremely supportive. My job is my passion, so I have no complaints whatsoever.  

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