The cricket maiden

Apr 11, 2012, 07:29 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Like most Indians, actor Neha Dhupia is also a huge cricket buff. She was recently in Pune for the inauguration of the new cricket stadium at Gehung.

The lady who is a big fan of Adam Gilchrist and Yuvraj Singh talks to CS about her love for the game of cricket:

Cricket crazy
I love cricket and I’m a big fan of the game. Like every Indian, I follow India’s matches with great interest and make sure that I don’t miss out on the action. The Twenty20 format is great fun.

I am excited about
The ongoing cricket league is a lot of fun. I am not sure about which team I will support but I am watching the matches with immense excitement. In fact, I compare the ongoing league with a chick flick due to the high drama quotient associated with it. It just engages the audience. There are cheer girls who entertain the people too.

Stadium masti
I have been to quite a few stadiums in India. Recently, I was at Pune’s new stadium on its inauguration day. The Pune and Punjab teams put on a great show and Pune emerged trumps. A sea of light blue swept over the stadium, as Pune’s supporters came cheering in large numbers.

I love
I am a great fan of Adam Gilchrist and Yuvraj Singh. Gilchrist is a wonderful cricketer and human being. Even though he’s been playing for a long time, his enthusiasm for the game is infectious. Yuvraj is of course a born fighter. After his recent battle with cancer, my admiration for him has only increased. 

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