The 12-crore question

Sep 06, 2011, 08:47 IST | Lindsay Pereira

Making sense of the good, bad and often strange trending topics online

Making sense of the good, bad and often strange trending topics online

NCP President and Minister of Agriculture Sharad Pawar came in for a barrage of tweets following his modest declaration of Rs 12 crore as assets.

Sushil Ledwani admonished the politician: 'Don't expect us to be fooled like the government! Sincerely, the common man.'

Someone with the handle SunkeyNews tweeted: 'On Teacher's Day, I want to meet the teacher who taught mathematics to Sharad Pawar.'

Siddharth Chhaya had a question: 'Has Sharad Pawar declared his wealth or some other Sharad Pawar from remote Maharashtra?' Vani Doraisamy put forth the hypothesis that, as Union Agriculture Minister, 'he was probably just playing Farmville.'

Not everyone was as cynical though. In Ravi Padmanabhan's words: 'Pawar earned only 12 crore as an MP and minister. The rest belongs to his family. He is not accountable.'

One for the team
Publicity-hungry Poonam Pandey struck again over the weekend, by putting up a risqu � photograph of herself, ostensibly as a 'motivational surprise' for the Indian cricket team.

This prompted SatireXpress to quip: 'She looks like a specimen for research more than a model. No wonder the Indian team is down and out.' Manahil Khan added: 'Pandey inspires Indian cricket team - tipped to become special coach!'

To live forever

Google's wonderful video doodle tribute to late singer Freddie Mercury on what would have been his 65th birthday pleased a number of people. Adam Wright tweeted: 'I wonder how many millions have Freddie Mercury stuck in their heads right now.
That's power right there.' There was also this amusing comment from Benedict Francis: 'Happy Birthday, Freddie Mercury. Still the king of anthemic rock and the reason most Iraqi men think it's cool to sport a moustache.'

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