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Jan 17, 2012, 07:47 IST | Anurupa Dongare

If you crave for inner peace or seek to master management principles, head to this session of Original Movement Therapy

If you crave for inner peace or seek to master management principles, head to this session of Original Movement Therapy

Using dance to modify your approach to life is the basic aim of Original Movement Therapy (OMT). Devika Sekhar is the founder of OMT. She has trained and worked in Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the UK. She currently practices in India because she feels it is most needed here. Talking about Original Movement Therapy (OMT), Devika says, "OMT originated from the thought that all movement comes from within. The sessions offer a safe space for those wishing to explore themselves and help make a positive and lasting transformation in their lives in a creative way."

German artist Sabine Bundschu will be conducting the Taketina 
workshop on February 5

She adds that it is suitable for children and adults and the sessions can be attended individually or in groups. It is especially beneficial when dealing with families who have children with special needs. "We also hold workshops and sessions for companies who might be interested in exploring other avenues of team building. We hold workshops with professionals using different mediums such as music, art, etc," she adds. 

The upcoming OMT workshop will be conducted by Sabine Bundschu who brings together the three elements of music, rhythm and chanting in her workshop. Titled Music Circle, the workshop is specially designed for music lovers, group leaders, educators, music teachers and therapists. 

Sabine is primarily an actress and a singer. She has performed alongside singers ranging from the German icon, Nina Hagen to Kenny Rodgers, Peggy March and Ron Williams. She has been a founding member of the group Electric Ladyland and has studied Taketina  meditative techniques under Reinhard Flatischler and the art of drumming with Glen Velez.

Talking about the workshop, Sabine says, "Music and rhythm have a way of grounding us and expanding our perception. They bring us in contact with ourselves and with others in the group. In addition, chanting gives us a special understanding of our own voice, even while connecting us with 'the whole'," she says. The workshop focuses on Taketina developed by Austrian born Reinhard Flatischler. It is based on the use of multi-leveled rhythms. Taketina has also been described as a rhythm for evolution and uses the body as an instrument to guide one into inner silence. 

Sabine says that the work helps you explore the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious mind in a way that you are not able to do in daily life. "The three rhythmic layers are represented by vocalisation, claps and steps, backed by a drum. It also allows participants to move at their own pace while exploring various levels of awareness, and helps them find their own way to their centre."

From Feb 5, 9.30 am to 5.30 pm 
At Clover Gardens, Naylor Road.
Call 9823479922 / 9923063567 

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