The death of a dictator

Published: 22 October, 2011 07:36 IST | Lindsay Pereira |

Making sense of the good, bad and often strange trending topics online

Making sense of the good, bad and often strange trending topics online

That Moammer Gaddafi would become a trending topic and stay one for a while was inevitable, considering the enormous power he wielded for so long. There were mixed reactions to the way he was killed though.

As Cindy Kent pointed out, 'Is anyone else concerned at the words 'celebrate' and 'death' being used in the same sentence?' Vidhya Appu added: 'Rebels did unto Gaddafi what he did unto them.

He was inhuman and barbaric, but how different were his captors?' Then again, Clare Martin added: 'Reading tweets about how wrong Gaddafi's death was! Are you all mental? Think of the thousands he murdered!'

Tom Rayner tweeted: 'The irony of the man who labelled his people 'rats' being found hiding in a drain will not be lost on many.' And from Jonny Hallam: 'I will be a bit upset if, after surviving shelling and snipers, I end up getting hit by a celebratory bullet in Tripoli.'

An overdose of Ra.One?
A certain Tim Bresnan had this question for his Indian followers: 'Who or what is Ra.One? It's on every advertisement but never on television. It even advertises deodorant.' That summed up what some felt about promos of the upcoming Shah Rukh-starrer.
As Jose Covaco put it: 'Collected all the different Ra.One ads and edited out all the brands from them. Now I have the entire movie.'

In Sidin Vadukut's words: 'Switched off TV, but it switched itself back on and played a Ra.One trailer.' And from Shailesh Kapoor, presumably a fan: 'Why is *any* other film releasing next week with Ra.One? What's the point of making a film if you don't even want to give it a chance!'

The last word

From actor Fardeen Khan: 'Imagine after a 42-year reign, Gaddafi will be remembered most for being found in a drain, dragged on the street and killed by his countrymen.'

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