The Denim Dossier

May 23, 2013, 15:10 IST | Ruchika Kher

Invented by Nevada tailor Jacob Davis and San Francisco businessman Levi Strauss in May 1873, jeans have become a staple garment for people across all corners of the globe. On the 140th anniversary since the denim style received its patent, Ruchika Kher aided by Amit Bandre's graphic, takes you down memory lane to chart the evolution of varied styles of a fabric that remains a universal favourite, till today

The first styles
> Patchwork
> Straight work pants cut
> Distressed finish

High-waist straight cut
> Triple stitched flat-felled seams
> Longer, below the ankles
> Some also had options for suspenders

History of Jeans, denims

Rolled up
> Rolled up till the ankles or even higher
> High-waist
> Loose fitting

History of Jeans, denims

> Fitted at the top and flared below the knees
> Unisex
> Usually, stone-washed

> Fitted with gathering at the bottom
> High waist
> Usually, classic denim shades used

History of Jeans, denims

Ankle-length and fitted
> Low waist
> Skinny fit
> Length is maximum till the ankles

Jeans have dominated the fashion scene since a long time, but they became more visible in India when Bollywood stars started donning jeans on screen. The cowboy look caught on and the craze for jeans has not ended since. Not only are jeans comfortable but extremely chic as well and although the styles have changed over the years, their popularity has grown widely amongst both genders. Traditional Indian clothing such as kurtis have often been combined with jeans as casual attire. When worn appropriately, they can also serve as part of your formal or party wear ensemble. Over time, these have become an essential part of contemporary Indian fashion.

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