The dirty picture: When Bollywood films inspired crime

Feb 16, 2016, 15:47 IST | A Correspondent

Inspired by Shah Rukh Khan’s character in ‘Darr’, a stalker recently kidnapped Snapdeal employee Dipit Sarna in Ghaziabad. A look at instances when people stole ideas from films to commit crimes

Inspired by Shah Rukh Khan’s character in ‘Darr’, a stalker recently kidnapped Snapdeal employee Dipit Sarna in Ghaziabad. A look at instances when people stole ideas from films to commit crimes.

Shah Rukh Khan's character in ‘Darr’ inspired kidnapper: Devender, the mastermind behind the abduction of Dipti Sarna, confessed to his crime and said he wanted to marry her. Devender is said to have been inspired by Shah Rukh Khan’s psychopath character in the movie ‘Darr’, and planned the abduction on similar lines. He added that he first saw the Snapdeal employee at New Delhi Rajiv Chowk metro station and fell in love with her. (Read full story)

Inspired by ‘Special 26', men rob gold loan firm: A gang of ten men, posing as cops, entered the offices of a gold loan firm in Nashik and fled with around 15 kgs of the precious metal and Rs 3 lakh in cash, in January 2014. The gang based their robbery on the heist film ‘Special 26’, which itself was inspired by a real-life incident! (Read full story)

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Inspired by movie (Special 26 again!), nephew fakes I-T raid on uncle: Officials from Charkop police, in June 2015, nabbed a gang of eight for deceiving one of their uncles by posing as Income Tax (I-T) officials. Cops say the plot was hatched after the mastermind watched Bollywood movie ‘Special 26’ on television and decided to scam his uncle. The accused fooled the victim into giving them Rs 1.65 crore, expensive watches and jewellery that was hidden at his residence by one of his friends to keep it out of reach of genuine I-T officials. (Read full story)

‘A Wednesday’ inspires teen to raise bomb scare: In September 2011, a 14-year-old Thane boy dialed 100, and informed cops that a CST-bound Thane train has a bomb aboard. Security was upped at the stations; officials deployed at every vulnerable spot; everybody getting off from the train frisked. Yet, no explosives were found. After investigating, cops learned that it was a prank call made by a Std IX student. He told police he made the call after watching Naseeruddin Shah-starrer ‘A Wednesday’, which depicts the story of a man who holds the Mumbai police to ransom after deploying bombs at five locations. The boy said he got swayed by the plot and made the call for kicks, and then surfed the news channels to see if he had created any ripples. (Read full story)

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Movie thug ‘inspires’ teenage kidnapper: A couple of years back, a 15-year-old was kidnapped by his classmate. The accused at first tried to extort Rs 50,000 in ransom, and then brutally murdered the victim. During investigations, the accused revealed that he had done it not just for the money, but because he and his accomplices were impressed the movie, ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’, and the prowess of a hoodlum portrayed by Vivek Oberoi. The accused confessed he was so taken by the character, he had the movie stored on his mobile and would watch it every day, trying to imitate his mannerisms. (Read Story: Inspired by films, youth turn to crime)

Four arrested for movie-inspired murder, robbery: In September 2013, Dinesh, a former employee of a warehouse at Gokalpuri in east Delhi, along with three friends, scaled the high walls on September 6 night, and reached the roof over the third floor of the warehouse. The guard on the roof, Mukti Paswan, resisted their intrusion and was killed. In accordance with their plan, the four got into the warehouse, broke open its locker, and took away Rs.10 lakh. Police said that the four got their idea from the 1972 adventure-comedy film featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha, ‘Bombay to Goa’. They had watched the movie just before planning their robbery attempt. (Read full story)

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