The exhibitionist in me was difficult to hide: Nimrat Kaur

Sep 03, 2013, 09:09 IST | Shakti Shetty

Unlike many others, Nimrat Kaur is one ad film actor who has made a smooth transition to the big screen with an upcoming film

In a conversation with CS, the Delhi-bred, Mumbai-based newbie talks about ads, theatre and film.

Nimrat Kaur

Germs of performance
I always wanted to be an actor. I was a dramebaaz since childhood (laughs). While growing up, I was an extrovert and participated in school skits and college festivals. The exhibitionist in me was difficult to hide. So, when the question of a career came up, I knew where to channelise my energy. I started with TV commercials before moving to theatre and finally to the big screen. My debut film was Vasan Bala’s Peddlers which is expected to release soon.

A multi-dimensional industry
As an actress, I think there shouldn’t be any restriction from the filmmakers’ end. We are living in the most promising era and it is a very positive development. We are having a Karan Johar being associated with the kind of films he’s not known for. We have a Freida Pinto making a name for herself in the West. Anything is possible today. A film can either hit or miss but at least there is a greater possibility of mildly hatke films showing at the cinema hall. The definition of success is a relative one.

Magic of Mumbai
My dad was in the Army so we kept shifting from one place to another as per his transfer demands. Finally we settled in Delhi where I finished my education. I moved to Mumbai nine years ago. Sometimes, I can’t believe the kind of journey I’ve had so far. It was unpredictable from day one. There was a point when I didn’t know what I’ll be doing next month! Here I’d like to add that Mumbai is the greatest godfather one can have. This city forces you to chase your dreams and most of the times, you fulfill them too.

Talking to me?
After coming back from Cannes in 2012, I was offered this role of a housewife who is lonely. In order to get into her skin, I had to simplify my own life by decluttering it. As a result, I decided to withdraw myself from my phone and social media. During the shooting, it become more and more obvious that there is a lot of emptiness in my character’s life and only exchange of words can fill it. No wonder I’m basically talking to myself in the film (smiles).

Invisible co-stars
When I first read the script, I didn’t know that I was cast opposite Irrfan but somewhere, I felt that only he can do justice to such a man. When he was finalised, I was the happiest although there are hardly any scenes of us together in the film. Sharing my name with him and Nawazuddin (Siddiqui) in the credits was the absolute high point. 

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