The game of good food at Quench Cafe

Mar 23, 2014, 05:56 IST | Phorum Dalal

The Quench Cafe at Versova is a colourful, young place that serves food for the mind and stomach

“Check and mate!”

Don’t be surprised to hear fellow eaters shout in glee when you visit the two-week-old Quench Café at Versova, Andheri West.

The Quench, a raspberry and apple juice drink, is fruity and refreshing

While their four-year-old Bandra counterpart serves wine and beer, the Versova outlet is a step ahead and has games such as Jenga, UNO and chess — to keep you occupied while your order is being prepared.

The Quench Cafe (above) at Versova  serves (below) Chicken Olive in Pesto sauce

We could not resist either. We asked for a pack of cards. The first round of UNO went on, till our first starter for the day, Mushroom Skewers (R129), was served. The dish sat on the table ignored — I drew a ‘Draw Four’ card, served it with a colour-change to red and simultaneously shouted, “UNO!”

The taste of victory was even more sweeter with the chunky, mushroom, dunked in a spicy, paprika cheese sauce. The strong garlic flavour elevated the taste, and the plate was empty within minutes.

Round two: The game went on for a longer time, as tactics were revised, and after a rally of ‘Draw Two’, I lost the round. But, there was solace in the Grilled Chicken Olive (Rs 149), which was waiting to be devoured. The green pesto sauce, cooked to perfection, was a burst of basil and nutty pine sauce. The tender chicken was at its succulent best.

After another five-six games, we dug into an Exotic Pizza (Rs 169), thanks to our ravenous appetite. Topped with jalapenos, broccoli, zucchini, babycorn and herbs, the buttery crust was biscuit-crisp. We sipped a raspberry and apple juice mocktail, Quench (Rs 129), which was fruity and refreshing.

Our last dish for the day was a Ratatouille (Rs 279), served on a bed of spaghetti, dripping in garlic olive oil, which was tasty even on its own. The diced aubergine, along with zucchini and bellpeppers, in the tangy tomato puree, left the right amount of zing on the palate.

When we left, we felt exhilarated, like kids on a school trip. The Quench Café is a must go, when you’re craving a foodgasm, a round of classic games and a friendly atmosphere.

Ambiance: Colourful Food: Zesty service: Quick meal for two: Rs 1,000 
At: Shop 3, Varsha building, JP Road, Versova, Andheri West. 
Call: 26302271

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