The great iGrab: Fans brave crowds, rain to take first bite of new Apple iphones

Sep 21, 2013, 02:19 IST | Agencies

The great iGrab: Fans brave crowds, rain to take first bite of new Apple iphones

The first byte of the new Apple iPhone was sweet for Brian Ceballo.

New York

Brian Ceballo waited for 15 days outside the New York store just to get his hands on the phone. 

The Brooklyn musician spent two weeks camped outside Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue store to become the first New York owner of the new model on Friday morning.


iGlad: Norman Hicks from London was ecstatic as he became the first man to buy the new model in London.

“It feels pretty amazing,” said 19-year-old Ceballo, after buying two phones -- the limit for the new iPhone 5S and 5C. “It feels pretty awesome,” he added.
David Kaminsky, first in line at the Apple store in Bethesda, Maryland, said he had waited more than 12 hours to ensure he got one of the gold-coloured iPhones. “It’s not just the technology -- it’s the experience, the simplicity,” said Kaminsky.


Historic: Jimmy Gunawan (33) from Sydney waited for 20 hours for his new phone. He became the first man to get his hands on the phone

Elsewhere, in what has become a worldwide ritual, people lined up around city blocks in Tokyo, braved the rain in Berlin and stood shoulder-to-shoulder in London on Friday to get their hands on Apple’s latest creation.


Thumbs-up: The first buyer in Paris poses with his new iPhone 5S

In Beijing, at the biggest Apple Store in Asia, security guards kept the line in order. Last year, eggs had been thrown and all hell had broken loose outside a store.


All smiles: This man from Tokyo can’t mask his delight after he became the first man in Tokyo to buy the iPhone 5S. Pics/AFP

People were waiting eagerly in the United States, too. People lined up a day ahead at the Apple Store in Miami Beach, and they camped overnight on Boylston Street in Boston -- chairs, blankets and coffee at the ready.

However, not every line was free of incident. Shoppers camping out in front of an AT&T store in Houston were robbed at gunpoint.

In Berlin, Yahor Paplouski, who came all the way from Belarus, was so excited that he couldn’t take the time to shed his sleeping bag. He wore it into the Apple store.

In Belfast, Northern Ireland, a customer reported that the gold phone sold out long before the grey and silver options.

Apple topics were trending online, but all that Twitters is not gold: #Apple made the list of top talkers in the United States, as did #iOS7, the new operating system for iPhones and iPads, but not the new colour.

The iPhone 5S is the first to offer touch security: It can recognise fingerprints for people. 

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