The great prop show!

Aug 22, 2013, 04:04 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Pune store offers a wide spread of props, costumes, jewellery and accessories on hire for various events. The props are brought from all over the world including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Thailand, and China for curio aficionados

Lights, camera, action! These are the three words that describe the entertainment industry. But if you think about it, even before lights what really pops in your head are props. Most commonly used to increase the presentation quotient of anything that is even distinctly related to entertainment; props and costumes are undoubtedly important. As the city does not lack occasions and enthusiasts to celebrate any event in style, a dearth of shops providing the most unique of accessories becomes glaring. A city lad, Ankit Jain is trying his best to provide unique ideas and props for celebrations . Aptly titled, Pros, it is located at Swargate. Pros was born in the mind of the city-based choreographer when he sensed the dire need of companies that provide costumes and props while choreographing for various events. 

“I fashioned this shop in 2011 considering the need of props in city-based colleges, corporate houses and shoots that take place here. The idea got instantly picked up by colleges and schools that often need costumes for their events. Now we are a full-fledged store with more than 8,000 costumes and props to choose from. We also are probably the only costume shop in the city providing many international costumes and a trial room,” shares Jain.

The one-room store is stuffed with accessories right from earrings to a full Jack Sparrow get-up. With the range of props offered in the store, what strikes us is the lack of space. Due to the tiny passage, many props go unnoticed.

Asked about this, Jain says that they are aware of the difficulty and are planning to shift the store to a more spacious location soon. Based on the demand, Pros have assorted set of props that include various kinds of costumes and accessories.

From the treasure chest
Bollywood movie costumes like Chulbul Pandey, Shehenshah, Singham are on offer. Figures like Jack Sparrow, various fairy tales’ characters, retro and festive props for Halloween and Christmas are also on the shelves.

The store has wide range of accessories and instruments on hire. Pics/Sachin Thakare 

Specifically for children, costumes shaped as vegetables and flowers are available which are usually high in demand during school events. Festive costumes (think sherwani and ghagra choli) for Navratri, Ganapati and national events such as Independence Day and Republic Day can also be hired on per day basis. The cost for the costumes start from Rs 25 per day.

“Police and military uniforms are usually rented during film and photo shoots. Hence, we have them in bulk, for all sizes. People find it easy to run a shop like this but it is a tough task to keep things ready, all by yourself. Hence, we have a team of four that works in the store. We have to be extra careful in case of police uniforms as we have to send a letter to the nearby police station explaining how many uniforms we have and proclaim that we will be solely responsible for their usage,” explains Jain.

Handcuffs galore
Accessories ranging from handcuffs, ropes to bellycaps and bellybelts, where the last two are particular to belly dancing, are available for rent at the shop. These accessories can be lent at Rs 1 per day.

Considering the demand for musical instruments during the festive season, the shop offers musical instruments like dhol and taasha which is used for the Ganapati festival plus guitars (both electric and acoustic).

Jain tells, “We have recently introduced the fire-guitar that cannot be found anywhere in the city. This guitar is used by college bands who like over-the-top presentation and use these fire guitars. We have also kept IPL team uniforms as during matches we often get inquiries for them. The Malinga wig is quite famous. We have kept several of these.”

Latest in the offering
The newest attraction at the store is the LED Jacket that has been made just a few days back. The glow-in-the-dark jacket is in demand by young students for college performances. Magic tricks are given on rent for children and corporate parties.

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