The Indian storybook just got animated

Feb 07, 2014, 09:58 IST | Kanika Sharma

Tulika Books has tied up with Bookbox, a unique platform that animates stories with same language subtitles. The result, your tot learns to read in a fun, imaginative way

Chennai-based Tulika Books is aiming to get children learn, imagine and speak their language as they watch animated videos of Tulika’s books on a unique platform called Bookbox.

Anibooks will help with  language skills

Telling us about the idea, Pallavi Krishnan; associate editor and rights manager shares, “Brij Kothari, the founder of Planet Read and the person behind BookBox, and Radhika Menon, our managing editor were in talks for years about the possibility of using Same Language Subtitling (SLS) for children’s books.” This technique is a scientifically tested method for learning and reading as the text appearing on the video is same as what the child would be listening at that time.

Kothari has been known for teaching reading to neo-literates since 1996 from the times of Doordarshan. Whenever subtitles of film songs appeared on the channel, neo-literates were aided in identifying visuals with particular sounds.

Explaining how it works, Krishnan says, “BookBox is a web-based jukebox of culturally inclusive digital books in over 30 languages. What makes for a perfect partnership is that like Tulika, BookBox has a strong multilingual philosophy and believes that every child should be able to read in his or her own language.” This is great news for India that has 24 officially recognised languages.

Don't miss these> BookBox’s AniBooks are animated stories for children, with the narration appearing on-screen as Same Language Subtitles (SLS). The Talkative Tortoise ( and What did you see? ( will be the first books to be made into AniBooks. Gajapati Kulapati and The Musical Donkey will be up next.

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