The kiss is not to raise the glamour quotient: Pooja Salvi

Mar 28, 2013, 08:47 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Pooja Salvi and Ayushmann Khurrana share a two-minute long liplock in their next 'Nautanki Saala'

Looks like Ayushmann Khurrana can safely take over the tag of sharing the longest on-screen kiss from Aamir Khan. The actor smooched his co-star Pooja Salvi for a full two minute. 

Pooja Salvi and Ayushmann Khurrana, two-minute long liplock

The sequence has not been aired in the promos yet but the actress is already anxious for feedback.

“The liplock is not to raise the glamour quotient, the script demanded it. Both Ayushmann and I are introverts by nature, so it was not an easy task. Since I share most of the screen time with him, it eventually became easy to shoot the sequence,” says Pooja.

According to the director Rohan Sippy, the scene comes at a crucial part of the film. Says Rohan, “We kept that scene at the end of schedule as it was the turning point in the film. Another significant aspect is that it’s for the first time that a woman initiates the smooch in a film. I think it will serve as a good message for the men.” 

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