The kitchen beckons

Nov 14, 2012, 09:31 IST | Deepali Dhingra

He's a dishy looking dude, but unfortunately, Kunal Kapoor admits to not being able to produce great dishes himself!

That apart, the actor admits to being quite a foodie and having a sweet tooth. He talks to CS about boiling eggs and craving for meetha:

Kunal Kapoor

Kitchen tales
I don’t cook but I’ve been feeling embarassed as I did a film related to food and everyone keeps asking me if I know how to cook. I mean, I can boil eggs and can make noodles and omelettes. I can do the basic stuff to get by but I’m planning to change that now. It’s not that I want to be a great cook but just the embarassment of not knowing much has prompted me!

Comfort in ghar ka khana
I enjoy ghar ka khana the most. I believe that no matter where you go in the world or visit the best restaurants, home-cooked food is the best. When I get back
home after shooting somewhere out of town, the feeling of having ghar ka khana is the most satisfying. And even though I enjoy paneer dishes and butter chicken, it is rajma chawal that is my comfort food. I have it very often.

Chocolate dreams
My cravings are usually for meetha. I have a very bad sweet tooth and I can have sweets any time of the day or night! (smiles) If I’m in a restaurant and have ordered food and it’s taking more than 15 minutes to arrive, then I end up ordering dessert first and start eating that as it comes immediately. I like anything which has chocolate in it!  

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