The Korean concoction

May 08, 2012, 07:03 IST | Rahul Ravikumar

The Guide sampled exotic preparations at the Korean Symphony food festival being held at Sen5es restaurant

The Sen5es Restaurant at Oakwood Premiere, is all set to dish out authentic Korean fare at their food festival titled Korean Symphony. In an exchange initiative, Chef Choi and Sous Chef Kim, from the Oakwood Premier Coex Centre, have teamed up along with Executive Chef Vijay Deokar to bring the flavours of Korea to Pune. “We want to bring a diverse variety of cuisines and delicacies to Punekaris,” says Chef Vijay Deokar. “The mussels, scallops, and various other ingredients that we are using have been flown in from America and Seoul,” he adds. 

At the Korean food festival, you can savour a variety of Korean preparations. Representation Pic

The food festival will include a buffet spread and a special a-la-carte menu. We found the buffet to be a mish-mash of Korean, Indian, and Continental preparations. The salad section seemed interesting with Hobak Bok Eum (sautéed zucchini with sesame oil and leek), and Mu Na Mul (braised turnip with salad oil and leek) along with other Korean salads. The highlights of the main course section were the Jap Chae (Korean glass noodles), Seng Seon Jeon (Pan fried fish with soy sauce) and So Go Gi Bok Eum (Sautéed beef).

Bulgogi or marinated beef served with rice and vegetables

The a-la-carte menu was the best part of the food festival. Seafood lovers will enjoy Sae Woo Jjim, which is a king prawn and bean sprout based preparation. Other interesting additions in the menu are Dak Bok Eum, a chicken and rice concoction, and Bulgogi, made of thin slices of marinated beef served with rice and vegetables. Vegetarians need not lose heart as they have options such as Bi Bim Bab, mixed vegetables with rice and soup, and Oinaeng Guk, cold cucumber soup.

O Mi Ja Cha or fruits of schisandra chinensis punch

The Korean meal ends on a sweet note with Omi Ja Cha, a schisandra fruit and walnut based dessert. The buffet costs Rs 700 per head (exclusive of taxes), and an a-la-carte dinner costs approximately Rs 1,000 per head. With an understated-yet-plush ambiance, Sen5es is a good place to enjoy a quiet dinner with family or friends. Along with all the interesting Korean additions to the food menu, this place definitely deserves a mention.

Saewoo Jjim or hot spicy prawn stew

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