"The language is of minimal importance"

Jun 17, 2013, 08:14 IST | Ruchika Kher

Could you tell our readers how you got inclined towards music? Did your Kashmiri roots inspire or influence your music?

1. Could you tell our readers how you got inclined towards music? Did your Kashmiri roots inspire or influence your music?
In my youth, my mother ensured that I trained in Hindustani Classical music. A couple of times a week, she would take me for vocal classes to one of the best teachers in the region, after her work hours. Years later, I found out that music was the only thing that filled my soul. The soul, beauty and truth in my music came from my birth and time in Kashmir. The inclination towards and the love for Urdu emerged from there too.

Winit Tikoo Musician

2. How will you define the sound of your band?
The band is a simple four-piece Alternative Rock outfit with the exception that the words are a combination of Hindi and Urdu, and not English. We also have Grunge, Blues and Punk influences in our songs. However, we feel that we can and will do, musically, whatever we want. Even today, we do a few English Alternative covers of songs and bands we love, though we have been advised that it isn’t a good thing; we don’t really care. We believe that the audience comes to our shows to listen to great music. The language is of minimal importance as long as emotional communication is achieved. We played our first gig as a band in October last year.

3. What clicked to win leapFROG and how are you planning to take this forward?

It is difficult to get a start in Mumbai. It was tough, at times; being a Hindi band worked against us on many occasions because people pre-judged us and formed perceptions without listening to us. So, it feels happy and even more satisfying to win this event. The sincerity and simplicity, which our music embodies, clicked. Our songs connect with the listener, emotionally; it isn’t a presentation of our technical abilities. We look forward to recording for Season 3 and it’s telecast. It will be an immense learning experience. We are also excited about the release of our debut album, which we are working on, currently.

This season, Coke Studio@MTV launched a special leapFROG initiative, which gave Indie bands a platform to compete and win, offering them a chance to feature in episode of Season 3. Winit Tikoo and his band won the competition.

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