The latest iPod touch: Not an iPhone, still a handful

Mar 03, 2013, 10:40 IST | Nimish Dubey

It has been known as the "iPhone without the phone" but the latest avatar of the iPod touch reveals a device that can stand tall in its own right

It has not been promoted breathlessly like the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, but the iPod touch (fifth generation) has quietly made its way into the Indian market. For almost five years now, the touch (as it is called) has been seen by users as the ‘iPhone without the phone’ — a device that packed in the same interface, OS and even ran almost all the apps available on the iPhone, but minus phone functionality, and a few hardware compromises on the camera and processor side. And of course, it cost a whole lot lesser (around half) than an iPhone. 

Rs 23,900 Apple iPod touch: 4 inch retina display (1136 x 640), dual core processor, 5.0-megapixel camera, 32GB onboard storage, iOS 6.1 OS

Well, that part of the iPod touch has not changed in its fifth iteration. It comes with exactly the same four inch display that the iPhone 5 has but has a slightly slower dual core A5 processor.  You cannot make proper phone calls from it even now, and at a starting price of Rs 23,900, it still costs much lesser than the latest iPhone with similar storage capacity. But a lot has changed too. For one, the iPod touch has got a complete design makeover with an incredibly classy aluminum body that more than matches the iPhone 5 itself and at 6.1 mm, is the thinnest networked device we have ever seen. And it comes in five colours too. Accuse us of sacrilege, but we are not the only ones who think that it actually looks better than the iPhone 5, which is saying something. 

The camera has been bumped up to a very decent 5.0 megapixels and can shoot HD video. You can also make free video calls using FaceTime over Wi-Fi using the front camera. Speaking of camera, inside the package is a lanyard which you can attach to the touch using a pop up button on the back — incredibly cool, we think.  Oh, and the storage capacities for the touch now start at 32 GB (there is a 64GB variant too). Most importantly, the user experience — calling and texting aside (you can use iMessage on it though) — is exactly the same as on the iPhone 5. 

The display is outstanding for reading and browsing the Web and so far every app we have run on the device (from Flipboard to Angry Birds and Star Wars) has played with buttery smoothness. The camera is however, the star of the show, taking pictures that are very good indeed. Throw in some video and photo editing apps and you have a formidable point and shooter dangling from your arm. With excellent battery life — the absence of 3G means you can play and surf away for a couple of days without thinking of recharging!

In short, this can do almost everything online and appy that an iPhone 5 can. All this while being lighter and every bit as good looking. All of which makes the iPod touch the best value for money iOS device out there. Want a slice of iOS action without shelling out the price of an ultrabook? Grab this.  

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