The lean and mean Arjun Kapoor

Jul 11, 2012, 08:55 IST | Jigar Shah

Actor has not one but two trainers and a strict diet to attain a chiselled body for his next film

Arjun Kapoor’s obsession with fitness is a known fact. In fact, it was Salman Khan who nudged the once-140 kilo actor to shed weight. And since then, Arjun has never looked back. In fact, now the actor has not one but two trainers helping him chisel his body.

Our source says that the actor has become so serious about maintaining his physique that he has even called trainers from abroad to help him get into an even fitter shape. Our source adds, “For his next film Aurangzeb, the actor needs to look a certain way.”

Currently Arjun is being trained by Kris Gethin, who also trained Hrithik Roshan get back into shape post his knew injury and also lose the extra weight he had piled on for Guzaarish.

The actor has Mike Ryan as his other trainer. In the past, Mike has trained international celebs like Mickey Rourke, apart from John Abraham. The source says, “He is currently working out at the house gym inside Yash Chopra’s studio and he has also been put on a very strict diet.”

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