The little store that's big on design

May 17, 2012, 07:02 IST | Ruchika Kher

The white door with the hanging bell and light blue walls of this new boutique in Grant Road are in sharp contrast to one of the city's busiest neighbourhoods, but that's part of the plan claims the proprietor

Tarana’s Studio is conspicuous by design in the busy south Mumbai neighbourhood. Once we entered, we were pleased to find a well-utilised space fuelled by creativity and imagination.

Tarana’s Studio was once a godown in the Dadar area. Pics/  Sunil Tiwari

“Every line drawn and every nail hammered in the store is done by me; it’s made by my heart, and hence has a soul,” shares proprietor Tarana Sheth, who studied filmmaking in Pennsylvania, USA, and has been in the field of design in 2009.

Tarana says that when she first came across the space, it was little more than a storage area, and was keen therefore to revitalise it. “This is a boutique, not a store where there are 10,000 things to choose from,” says the 28-year old.

The design studio houses home décor products by Tarana, who will also showcase the designs of one other designer every month. This month, they are showcasing products by Art and Light.

Tarana also customises products according to the customer’s aesthetics, budget and choices. “We try and create everything creatable under the sun, so whether it’s for a silver wedding anniversary or a birthday party, we can customise anything,” she informs.

Photo frames shaped like eyeglasses
This wooden photo frame has a polyurethane coating that makes it durable. Available in three colours: red, green and brown, here’s a unique way of framing your most prized moments.
For: Rs 2,000

Utility Box with quotes by Picasso
Made by Art and Light, this wooden box features quotes by the famous Spanish painter. It’s also great for storage.
For: Rs 1,600

Kitschy iPad Covers
Add colour to your life with these bright and trendy iPad covers.
For: Rs 850

Available in various colours and styles, these coasters are a way to make those drinking sessions even more fun.
For: Rs 550 (set of four); Rs 450 (small set of four)

Tins to put your ‘stuff’ in
Available in bright colours including pink, green and orange, these tins created from stainless steal and brass with powder coating can be used for storing anything, including food.
For: Rs 1,080 (large); Rs 980 (small)  

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