The magic of 'Doorbeen'

Mar 23, 2014, 07:05 IST | Phorum Dalal

Sisters, Chhavi and Pragya Sodhani Joshi, launched their first single titled Doorbeen online. The duo talks about the freedom of being independent artistes

Sisters Chhavi and Pragya Sodhani Joshi, whose band is called Pariney, launched their first single Doorbeen four months ago online. Trained in Hindustani classical music, their music is an eclectic mix of semi-classical music, Bollywood and folk with influences from western music. Chhavi was part of the music show, Fame Gurukul, and has recorded for labels such as Sony BMG and Venus. She composed a song for Gujarati film Happy Family Pvt Ltd, while Pragya has performed with artistes such as Sajid Wajid, Kunal Ganjawala and Raja Hassan. Excerpts:

Who wrote the lyrics, and who composed the music?
Pragya: The song Doorbeen is composed by both of us and written by Chhavi. The song speaks of how we wish to stumble upon a pair of magical binoculars (doorbeen) through which we could see the dreams we weave today, come alive tomorrow. This constant anxiety of what lies ahead gave birth to ‘Doorbeen’.

Why did you decide to release your song online?
Chhavi: We think today, artistes have found a platform to reach out to their listeners through the online medium, which gives them an opportunity to showcase their talent. Today listeners have access to and are exposed to world music, so they have a taste for experimental music coming their way also. Today, we have the liberty to release one song at a time, test the waters and then go ahead with our next.

How was the experience of shooting for the album?
Chhavi: My husband Raghuvir Joshi is a filmmaker and he has directed the music video. We set out on a road trip and headed to the interiors of Gujarat. In the video, we have played with ‘perspective’ and ‘time lapses’ as that is the core idea of the song too.

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