The Master chef is here at Foodhall, Palladium

Jul 14, 2013, 08:11 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Bored of looking at recipe demonstrations online? How about a personal cooking demonstration by a celebrity chef? Deepali Dhingra attends one to improve her culinary skills

There were 12 of us, waiting impatiently for the first Masterclass at Foodhall, Palladium to begin. And the menu handed down to us had much to do with it.

Chef Nikhil Chib demonstrates how to make Panko Popcorn Shrimp. PICS/Shadab Khan

We couldn’t wait to begin learning how to make Vegetable Tempura, Panko Popcorn Shrimp, Vietnamese Cold Spring Rolls, Vegetable Momos, Cambodian Veg Curry and Pad Thai vegetable Noodles. If that hasn’t got your mouth watering already, let us add that we were about to be given a personal cooking session with none other than Chef Nikhil Chib of Busaba himself! Got your attention now we’re sure!

Today was the first masterclass, in the series of unique masterclasses created by Foodhall and Gourmetitup, that also includes a walkthrough of Foodhall to pick ingredients followed by an interactive cooking demonstration, not to forget the tasting. So before we began with the demonstration, we followed the Chef around the place, him picking up various ingredients and telling us what they are and how we can use them for cooking, and us trying to keep up with his pace and information. To give him credit, he answered all our questions patiently, providing us with little nuggets of information like ‘Rice noodles are a healthier option than maida noodles’ and ‘If a bottle of fish sauce spills on you, throw all your clothes out’. The walkthrough over, he proceeded to demonstrate how to cook the various recipes.

And while he did that, the participants continued to bombard him with questions, some related to the dish he was cooking and some general. Again, the Chef was most accommodating, answering all our queries patiently. Each dish over, he passed the bowls around, while we sampled the yummy dishes, the Cambodian veg curry being the clear favourite. We would have licked the bowl if nobody had been watching.

Our verdict? Well, we liked the fact that a celebrity chef was right in front of us, guiding us through the cooking and packing almost six yummy dishes through the duration of two hours. The downside? At Rs 1,500 per masterclass, it isn’t cheap.

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