The micro perspective

Mar 18, 2013, 01:09 IST | Soma Das

Author Ravi Mantha, who is out with his latest book, All About Bacteria, picks 12 interesting facts about micro-organisms

1. 90% of our body’s cells are bacteria.
2. We cannot live without them.
3. Bacteria in our gut make our B complex vitamins.
4. Bacteria have a role in inducing food craving in our body.

5. Babies are born without gut bacteria, but generally acquire the bacteria from contact with their mothers in the first few days after birth. If they don’t, colic results.
6. Bottle-fed babies are more likely to get colic, because they may not acquire the gut bacteria from breast-feeding or close contact with the mother.
7. Friendly bacteria on our skin are our first line of defense against pathogens.

8. Many pathogenic bacteria, such as the ones that can cause staph, meningitis and pneumonia, live on our bodies without causing any problems most of the time.
9. Scientists have discovered over 140 unique bacterial species just between our forearm and our elbow.
10. Japanese people have a special bacteria in their guts that helps them digest seaweed.
11. There are bacteria found in soil that can cure depression.
12. Bacteria in our body and our environment regulate our immune system. Allergies can result when we try and live in a low bacteria environment.

All About Bacteria, Ravi Mantha, Collins, Rs 299. Available at leading book stores.

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