The mom in Lilette

Apr 18, 2012, 07:41 IST | Akriti Seth

The relationship between a mother and her daughter is considered to be one of the purest forms of love and here's the perfect example of one such mother-daughter duo.

As Lilette Dubey brought up her daughter Ira, she went through all the tussles that every mother has with her growing daughter. But their deep love overcame everything and today Lilette is Ira’s proud mother. She tells CS more about her relationship with Ira:

Little Ira
While Ira was growing up, I was very concerned, especially in the teenage years. I would stay awake when she went out for late night parties and wouldn’t sleep until she returned. Ira would to get mad at me when she finally got back home. But after a while, I started trusting her and gradually everything fell in place. Ira also started dating very young. I think she was fifteen when she had her first boyfriend. But I was okay with it as I trusted her and so she too was very open to me.

When Ira wanted to act
I had no problems. You get just one life and you should do what you love. Children should be allowed to do whatever they want to. Ira was into theatre right since childhood. She has grown up seeing theatre all around her. She was passionate about acting and that’s why she went into it. So, I let her do it. I felt she would probably do her best in acting as that was her passion and first love.

Competing with me
The kind of roles that I get are very different from what Ira is going to get. Times have changed and people can compare us only till a certain point.
After a while, they will realise that Ira is talented as well. But she is quite different from me. She has her own defining merits. I wish to work with my daughter in a movie sometime. I hope the directors are listening to this (smiles).  

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