The Mumbai doctors who rock

Sep 25, 2013, 08:34 IST | Soma Das

At the upcoming Doctors of Soul concert, you can catch doctors performing with the Stop-Gaps Choral Ensemble in aid of cancer patients

The role of doctors in caring is well-emphasised but we often forget that they too boast of varied passions, including music. To highlight this, the Cancer Patients’ Aid Association (CPAA), as part of its Rose Day initiative, will see doctors patients with amusic concert with Western Classical compositions and Rocksongs.

Rose Day (September 22) is dedicated to bringing smiles to cancer patients, and CPAA has been celebrating for 18 years. This time, the CPAA had performances for patients at Bandra’s Shanti Avedhana Hospice where a band of Catholic priests performed Folk songs; orthopaedic surgeon Dr Dilip Nadkarni also performed. Students of Podar School Santacruz (ICSE) held a dance performance, which included calisthenics and gymnastics.

Music band Victor & the Crowns

This apart, CPAA has also organised a fundraiser titled Doctors of Soul, on October 1. Speaking about the upcoming event, Joan Shenoy, Chairperson of Rose Day, says, “We are trying to tap a power-group that was gifted with medicine and musical talent. Doctors form a critical part of the healing-circle. We tend to forget that there is a fun-side to them.

Joan Shenoy

” The show will feature a headlining act by the band Victor and the Crowns, featuring dentist Dr Victor Rodrigues, Dr Nikhil Cunha, a Radiologist from Fortis, as well as solo performances by Dr Abhay Nene, spine surgeon at Hinduja Hospital, Dr Dilip Nadkarni, Dr Vernon Sequeira, a general surgeon, a cardiologist Dr Brian Pinto and Dr Robin Pinto, among others.

The music will be a blend of Western Classical songs and popular songs in English and Hindi. Stop-Gaps Choral Ensemble will also be performing at the concert. The proceeds will go towards aiding kids with cancer.

Dr Vernon Sequeira admits that jamming requires time management: “Most surgeries are planned. So, it takes good time management without compromising. I sing with a choir where practise is post 8 pm.

Music is what I love, so I push the limits.” Dr Dilip Nadkarni, who has recently performed at the Bandra hospice, is also the author of the book Calm Sutra - The Art of Relaxation. He says: “I use music to meditate and to calm patients going in for a surgery.”


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