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Published: 25 November, 2011 09:08 IST | Avantika Patil |

Motherhood is no child's play. Ask Mandira Bedi about it. Vir must be all of five months, but he's already keeping his parents on their toes

Motherhood is no child's play. Ask Mandira Bedi about it. Vir must be all of five months, but he's already keeping his parents on their toes. And he's as impatient and moody as his mum. Mandy, who's busy balancing her career with family, talks to CS about the new phase in her life:

Who: Mandira Bedi
What: Talking about motherhood
Where: At her Bandra residence

The great depression
I was lucky to not suffer from the regular pregnancy problems like morning sickness or cravings when I was expecting Vir. But it wasn't a fairytale pregnancy either. And for all those who think that post pregnancy-depression is only a chapter in mom-to-be books, you have to meet me. Till a month after Vir was born, I was totally stressed out. There were days when I was happy and excited, but there were also days when I would just sit and cry for no reason. I was all over the place - I felt irritated and disgusted with myself. I couldn't come to terms with the new change in my life and couldn't cope with reality. I felt inadequate as a mother. There was a point when I wanted to give up. Even bonding with the baby happened much later.

Weighty issue 
For someone like me, who's always been on the leaner side, gaining 22 kilos was a big scare. And mind you, this type of weight gain is the toughest to get rid off. Though I was advised compulsory rest for 40 days after the C-section operation, I was itching to get back to my workout routine, as exercising helps maintain my sanity. The 41st day I went out and started running on Carter Road. No wild horses could have held me back that day. Now I exercise five days a week, out of which two days I exercise twice a day. And in five months I have lost most of my weight.

Baby bonding
Vir is full of surprises. He is five months and in a hurry to do things. He's already making noises and is very vocal. Given a chance, he straightens his legs and tries to stand. He is a lot like me -- impatient, always in a hurry and moody. As far as looks are concerned, he takes after Raj, though we wanted it to be the other way round. I have to admit that I didn't fall in love with the baby the minute I saw him. It took me a while. But now our bond is very strong. Raj and I are very hands-on parents. I don't want my kid to be raised by a nanny. As a father even Raj is as responsible as I am. In the night, we take turns to stay up with Vir. If I am out,
Raj makes sure that he is working from home so that he can check on the baby every two hours. But I must say that motherhood has made me more responsible and calmer.

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