The new arts hub in Pune

Sep 01, 2014, 01:10 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Arrt Kabila aims to highlight how various art forms can come together to make an organic whole. It will train participants in cooking, dance, art, music and more. The finale will see all the streams working in tandem, for an audience

The city is getting a new art centre called Arrt Kabila. It will impart training on art, dance, music, drama and cooking. All these streams will come together later for a grand performance as a finale.

Culinary arts
Culinary arts also feature on the curriculum

Founder Sumira Chandhok, defines Arrt Kabila as a one-stop shop for all your creative needs. “Even if it is the art of cooking, you can learn about it here. And this initiative will go on for six months under the guidance of experts. After that there will be a competition in which the participants will perform together,” she explains.

Chandhok points out that it was creative hunger that led her to start Arrt Kabila. She defines it as “a community-driven, performance-centric space for learning, sharing and experimenting with all things creative”.

“No one who walks into Arrt Kabila works in isolation. They all form a significant part of the larger picture. Adding the audience experience to learning and creativity is a very big part of Arrt Kabila’s philosophy,” she emphasises.

The end product is an annual showcase which will see budding actors, dancers and musicians telling a story on a backdrop created by the art students and with food provided for by the culinary artistes. It is the smaller parts that come together to make a whole and parents, students, the city itself can see what creativity can mean to young and old, Chandhok concludes.

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At: Arrt Kabila, Viman Nagar.

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