The new seven deadly sins

Aug 18, 2012, 13:34 IST | Anushree Chatterjee

Here's a leaf out of Hollywood's sex book to bring you seven expert tips to put the whoo-hoo back in whoopee, plus yoga asanas to get you going

They're rich, they're famous and they're talking. We've sifted through Hollywood's most candid confessions to see if there was more than just voyeuristic pleasure to be had.

Can having sex five times a day really boost your chances of having a baby, does having a "secret" sex place boost libido?

We checked in with sexologist Prakash Kothari to get his expert opinion on all the kinky action.

Here's our list of seven of the hottest tips guaranteed to leave you gasping for more. Because when stars talk about sex, we listen.

Do it in the Backseat of a car like Scarlett
Call her Scarlett, just don't call her an exhibitionist. "If people are around but don't know we're there, I'm not the kind of person who will say, 'Let's have sex.' 

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That doesn't excite me," claimed the 25 year-old actress in an interview.

However, Scar Jo does admit that while she's not into being caught, she does think getting it on in the backseat of a car is "kinky and sexy", provided, of course, she is in a "really raunchy" frame of mind.

Expert Speak
"If both partners are comfortable, then a break from monotony could do wonders for a person's sex life," says Dr Kothari.

Delay sex to prolong pleasure as Paris Hilton does (or so she claims)
Believe it or not but Paris Hilton likes to play hard to get. The millionaire heiress goes on to liken herself to a fashion accessory in order to emphasise her point. 

Sex and relationships, Paris Hilton, delayed sex

"Nobody wants the fake Prada bag; they want the brand new bag that no one can get and is the most expensive," claimed the party girl in an interview.

"He'll want you much more if he can't have you," she added sensationally.

Expert Speak
"If there is a considerable amount of emotional commitment from both sides, the man will be patient and his desire will increase. If not, he might readily transfer his desires to another woman!" says Dr Kothari. 

Get a tripod inside your bedroom like Fergie and Josh
It might come as no surprise that Stacy Ann Ferguson, known simply as Fergie, likes to spice things up in the sack. 

Sex and relationships, Fergie, filming sexual intercourse

The 40 year-old singer revealed that she and husband Josh Duhamel have a video camera in their bedroom.

But for all those curious to get closer in on the action, Fergie assures that the two have no plans on releasing any sex tapes.

The Fergalicious singer claims the camera has helped keep the spark in their relationship alive, since whenever Josh is away for long, Fergie allegedly gets busy in front of the tripod performing racy routines for her husband's benefit.

Expert Speak
"Filming helps recall previous affections and acts of love," states Dr Kothari, who goes on to add that if there were no emotion involved in the relationship, the habit would hardly work.

"Sex is a climax of love but love needn't be a climax of sex," is Dr Kothari's mantra for love.

Have a "secret" sex place like Brangelina
The Brad has spoken. The man has deemed the stone grotto behind the waterfall in his and Angie's LA home a "great place for sex".

Sex and relationships, Brangelina, secret sex place

And when half of the most beautiful couple in the world speaks, we listen, we take notes and then we check in with a sexologist.

Expert Speak
"Any change in scene, if it enriches the spatial senses, can be good for sexual activity. Moreover, novelty adds to arousal. In this case, the soothing sound of water also enhances sensual pleasure," says Dr Kothari. 

Practise Vatsyayana position post-sex to get pregnant
Guest appearances on reality shows aren't the only things keeping Mrs Beckham busy these days. 

Sex and relationships, Victoria and David Beckham, post-pregnancy sex, Yoga

According to reports, Vic has chalked out a demanding sex schedule that has Becks and her have a go at it five times a day.

The style icon is allegedly "desperate" to get pregnant for the fourth time, and since her sports star husband is at home recuperating from an injury, she seems determined to make the most of his "free" time.

Expert Speak
"Sperms stay alive in the tubes and uterus for more than 48 hours. Having sex as often as five times a day can hamper conception as it takes longer for the man to recuperate," he states.

Instead, Dr Kothari suggests practicing Vatsyayana, an asana that increases chances of conceiving.

After the man has ejaculated, the woman has to bring her knees to her chest and hold for 10 to 15 minutes.

Going by Dr Kothari's advice it would seem that Posh Spice might need to ease up her sex schedule a little.

Engage in role-play to boost in-the-sack ratings like Hugh Jackman
Even Hugh "sexy" Jackman needs help from the wardrobe department. Each time wife Deborra-Lee Furness wants to up the ante in the bedroom, she asks hubby to play dress-up. 

Sex and relationships, sexy roleplaying, Hugh Jackman

"She loves the idea of me coming home in costume because it makes her feel like she's having an affair in a good way," claimed the star in an interview.

And when being seduced by Wolverine isn't exciting enough, Deb asks her man to show off his "sexy dance" routine, which involves a fair amount of "80s-like hip swivelling".

Expert Speak
"Role play is the equivalent of fantasising. Fantasy is more colourful than reality. It prevents inhibitions, making it conducive for sexual arousal," says Dr Kothari.

Feed fetish to heighten pleasure like Tarantino
Though Quentin Tarantino denies having ever said he has a foot fetish, all those lingering shots tracking his female protagonist's lower extremities has us believe differently.

Sex and relationships, fetish, Quentin Tarantino

"I am a lower track guy. I like legs...", claimed Tarantino in an interview. The acclaimed director has revealed that his apparent "obsession" adds creativity to his work and his life.

Expert Speak
"Fetishes are normal as long as they do not cause harm to others or to society," says Dr Kothari. 

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