The new social adda for housing societies

May 06, 2014, 08:16 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Now, pay your utility bills, participate in society polls, invite your neighbours for chess games and more using the new mobile app, Apartment Adda

You are miles away from your apartment, perhaps holidaying in a beach resort with your family or working out-station on a project. The last thing you’d want to happen is to walk into a home without electricity or water supply because you were unable to pay your bills in time? Or suppose you had an unexpected visit from a long-lost friend while you were away. Worse, a stranger showed up at your door — perhaps, a stalker or a miscreant who might break into your home later. The scenarios are diverse and yet, important.

Now, imagine a tool that helps you pay all your monthly dues, utility and electricity bills together, irrespective of where you are; one that allows you to see the names and faces of each visitor that comes to your home in your absence, on your smartphone. Wouldn’t this make your life simpler and safer? Apartment Adda, a new web-based apartment management software offers you all of this, and more from the comfort of your laptop, PC and smartphone, be it Android or iPhone.

This path-breaking app and software helps the user track all developments in one’s housing society, pay bills, track visitors, post notices, write complains to the society management, and even connect with neighbours for a game of chess, from anywhere in the world.  Besides, the platform also enables all society members to check on how the treasury funds are being utilised, create a poll on an issue of public importance and vote on the same from anywhere.

It’s possible to also create subgroups, like chess lovers, swimmers’ club, runners’ club, etc, based on everyone’s choices, and schedule meet-ups for a more interactive and social gathering. Though most of the services are available for free, some require premium membership costing R10 to R15 per flat per month. Nevertheless, we guess that most of you wouldn’t mind paying a small price for the simplicity of this platform?

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