The (organic) colours of Holi

Mar 25, 2013, 00:38 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

This Holi, indulge in some eco-friendly fun and enjoy the festival with organic colours

Holi, which falls on March 27 this year, is definitely a time to let loose and enjoy the company of family and friends to the hilt. But, the harsh chemicals used in making colours can leave you disappointed after the festival is over. So, make this festival even more exciting and safe with organic colours. The Guide scouted for options where you can get organic colours to enjoy a fun and safe Holi.

Chemicals used for making Holi colours harm skin and hair

Niranjan Upasani, founder, Bluewiss Environment Enriched, a company that makes home-made colours and conducts workshop on it, says that people need to be made aware of how to make colours at home. “One can make red by using beetroot, use turmeric to make yellow and green leafy vegetables to make green. Chemical colours harm skin and it may take days to get the colour off your skin. Also it may create rashes, so people should use organic colours or home made colours only,” says Upasani.

Organic colours are a safe option for Holi celebrations

You can also participate in different Holi parties that will be organised at different places across the city. One such party is being held at Liquid Circus in Kothrud. “Holi celebration here will be without water and organic colours will be used. We use foam here, which is eco-friendly,” says Gurnmeet Duggal, founder, Liquid Circus, which has been organising Holi parties for the last three years. You can also contact eCoexist Holi Hearts, an NGO that makes organic colours and also organises Holi parties where natural colours are used and no water is used.

Organic colours are available at many places across the city. Representational pics

Make colours at home
>> For orange: Dip 500 gm tesu flower in 10 litres of hot water for 12-15 hours. It should ideally be done a day before Holi.
>> For blue: Grate beetroot and black carrot and dip them in 10 litres of hot water for 12-15 hours. This should also be done a day prior to Holi.
>> For pink: Dip 500 gm rose petals in 10 litres of hot water one day before the Holi. It is then ready to use on the festival day.
>> For red: Powder dry red hibiscus flowers and use them as gulal. You can also soak these flowers in water overnight to get wet colour.
>> For green: Mehendi only leaves behind its colour when it's wet and dry mehendi can be brushed off very easily, so this can be used as an option for green. Leaves of gulmohur (delonix regia) can also be dried and powdered to attain a fine green colour.

Where to get organic colours from
>> The Bombay Store, MG Road.
>> Poona Club Store, Poona Club, Garden Road.
>> Woodland Dreams, near Gandhi Bhavan, Kothrurd. 

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