The organic food service delivers healthy fare

Oct 29, 2014, 05:02 IST | Kanika Sharma

The Organic Lunchbox packs in a punch with nutrition but is below par when it comes to delicious meals

Earlier this year, Maharashtra’s king of fruits was temporarily banned in the European Union. The brinjal, taro plant (arbi), bitter gourd and snake gourd were also off the charts keeping their high pesticide content in mind. As it seems likely, organic grains and vegetables are the future. With this thought, our lunch on a sultry October weekday was the Organic Lunchbox.

The Organic Lunchbox
The Organic Lunchbox calculates calories to be consumed and prepares accordingly. Pic/Datta Kumbhar.

It positions itself as a call for a revolution — “a new dimension to the everyday tiffin that is 97% organic, and nutritionist certified”, the press release quoted. We rang them up last week and had a confusing experience, where one meal option could only be ordered online but we couldn’t do this due to website issues. Ultimately, we were told that Cash on Delivery was possible. Also, the delivery timings were inflexible due to the festive season. We shelled out Rs 200, which included taxes and delivery charges (Rs 50).

The dabba
The dabba in which the meal is delivered

The dabba arrived from Goregaon (E) to our Parel office. It contained one helping of Moong Salad, Chana Dal mixed with greens, Baingan Bharta with peas, three chapattis and vegetable rice, packed in an attractive cardboard box. Due to our busy schedule, we started with our healthy fare one and half hours after its delivery.

The Chana Dal mixed with greens had regular viscosity but was low on taste, like the brinjal dish. Digging into the Moong Salad, we realised that it had become a victim to the heat and tasted bad. The service boasts of being ‘ghar ka khana’ but multiple palates felt that the comfortable and delicious flavours of a whistling home kitchen lacked here. Though, if you are looking for toned down flavours, this service might be your thing. One can customise the meal experience as per calorie needs. For dieters, an eight-week diet programme titled Do-the-Diet will be launched soon.

Cost: Rs 150 onwards
Call: 7303988188
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The Organic Lunchbox didn’t know it was us. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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