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Aug 19, 2012, 11:46 IST | Sanjiv Nair

The Finnish alternative rock band, who will tour India this month, promises to take you to places you've never dreamt of

This month, starting August 22, Finnish alternative rock band, Poets of the Fall will be in the country as they embark on a five city tour to promote their new album ‘Temple of Thought’. The Hard Rock Cafés in Bengaluru, New Delhi and Pune will serve as the venues where the band will perform as a part of VH1’s ‘Handpicked’ series of concerts.

Finnish alternative rock band Poets Of The Fall 

This is the band’s third visit to India and they are more than primed to exceed the expectations of their fans in the subcontinent. Speaking about what the crowds in India can expect Marko Saaresto, the lead vocalist of the band, says “Prepare for some great music with sheer intensity and presence. If you’ll let us, we’ll zoom you off to places you didn’t know were in you.”

Founded in 2003, the band comprises of Marko, lead guitarist Olli Tukiainen and Markus Kaarlonen who handles keyboards and production. To set up the band Marko sold almost everything he ever owned moving into the basement of his parent’s house. Their first single, “Late Goodbye” written for the computer game Max Payne 2, became a global sensation. Their next single, “Lift” became an even greater hit and catapulted the band to international acclaim, both critically and commercially. Since then the band has released five albums all of which have gone Platinum on the Finnish album charts.

Too many bands have tried and failed to get the dynamics right in all aspects. Into their fifth album, most bands have either drifted apart or shown signs of a developing schism at the very least. Marko agrees with the phenomenon but explains that POTF have bucked the trend. He says “We’ve understood it early on, that to survive and become tightly knit, everyone needs their freedom and independence, even in a band. So to keep Poets fresh for everyone, we occasionally jump into other projects with different people etc. That way, it’s always great to come back to your band.”

Date with the Poets
August 22nd, 2012 — Hard Rock Cafe, Benguluru
August 24th, 2012 — Hard Rock Cafe, New Delhi
August 25th, 2012 — Hard Rock Cafe, Pune
August 26th, 2012 — Leonia Resort, Hyderabad
August 28th, 2012 — Nazrul Munch, Kolkata

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