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Mar 01, 2013, 00:46 IST | Soma Das what Roti Kapda Makaan, the new store at Raghuvanshi Mills, hopes to offer. The cheerful yellow-hued space is a delight for multi-purpose home decor goodies, vibrant apparel, fun stationery and boasts of a food kiosk for the famished shopaholic

At Roti Kapda Makaan, nothing is as it seems. Yellow-coloured shelves on its walls are actually old recycled television sets and window frames, kettles hanging from the ceiling are lamps; you’ll spot bottles shaped like glasses, frying pans on the wall are clocks in reality, tiny dabbas double up as medicine boxes, chairs are also ladders while sofa sets double up as drawers, and coffee mugs resemble camera lenses. Get the picture?

Roti Kapda Makaan at Lower Parel. Pics/ Datta Kumbhar

Back to basics
Roti Kapda Makaan opened its shutters on February 15, and is the latest venture by Sneha Raisoni (she also runs Tappu ki Dukaan) and Henal Mehta. They got the idea for Roti Kapda Makaan when they realised the lack of options for compact, affordable furniture in the city. The name, share Raisoni and Mehta, is a reference to the basic essentials of life and the kind of items on offer (read: food, apparel and home décor).

There’s loads to pick from: home décor items, crockery, apparel and stationery by 30 Indian designers, including Happily Unmarried, Chumbak, Sahil and Sarthak Design Co., Artfeat Designs and Poppadum Art. If you’re clueless about decorating your matchbox-like pad, you’ll love their chairs that double up as ladders (R5,500), their sofas that have drawers for storage (Rs13,500) and sofa sets that double up as side tables (Rs17,000).

Bike handle lamp (Rs 10,500)

Make a statement
If you believe in making a statement at home, their tablemats with funky Hindi phrases (R130 per piece), Poppadum Art coasters (Rs 175 per piece) or crockery items by Freedom Tree (Rs 80 to Rs 480) will do the needful. Then, there are the Why I Love You buckets and 1,000 Things To Do Before You Die buckets (Rs 850 each), which are basically buckets filled with quirky one-liners and suggestions that make for a good gift.

Chair ladder armchair (Rs 5,500)

Off beat is neat
For magazine lovers, you’ll be sold over by their Bag the Mag clutches — these are designed with magazine covers (Rs 1,800). For those in search of clarity at home, their crane-shaped lamps (Rs 1,250), lamps made from pipes (Rs 2,500), and Bike handles (Rs 10,500) as well as origami lamps (Rs 3,050), kettle-shaped lamps (Rs 3,050) and umbrella lamps (Rs 4,600) might get your vote. Their range of peppy apparel includes boxers, shorts, vests and pyjamas. Stationery lovers will get wooed over by their range of pencils, bookmarks, notepads and photo frames. There are also quirky laptop / iPad sleeves as well as pillow covers and hair bands on display.

Bag the Mag clutch (Rs 1,800)

And, after all that shopping, you can tuck into their bagels, tarts, mud pies, croissants and lollipop-shaped cakes served on the premises. Nice touch, we thought.

At Roti Kapda Makaan, Reproscan, second floor, Raghuvanshi Mills, 11/12 Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel.
Call 24965527 

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