The rodeo will ride down the ramp

Aug 06, 2012, 08:40 IST | Dhara Vora

Bangalore-based designer Sanchita Ajjampur's collection for today's final show blends the rustic charm of the Wild West with the glamour of the 1920s

Imagine a rustic Rodeo star lounging with a sassy lady with set curls. That’s what emanates from designer Sanchita Ajjampur’s collection. “I love the decade between 1910 and 1920. For all my collections, I try to reinvent the era in a different style. My present collection includes men’s and women’s wear. For menswear, I have taken inspiration from Billy Pickett, an icon of the Wild West. So, you’ll see plenty of native Indian graphic influences and layering, but all of it with a modern and urban edge to it,” she adds.

Ajjampur prefers calling her men’s line more of a relax-wear with a mix of winter shades and organic succulent colours such as rhubarb, apricot and even dye prints. Bomber jackets and boxy shirts with materials like jersey and twill cotton will be seen. She has also designed the accessories for the line, which includes bags, shoes and bandanas for men and clutches, handbags and sky high heels for women.

While several city designers seem to have given the fashion week a miss, this season seems to be the season for designers from all over the country (finale designers Pankaj and Nidhi usually showcase at Delhi). Ajjampur too has been a staple at the Delhi shows. Quiz her about her Mumbai return, after so many years and she says, “My women’s line is very red carpet and I thought the Mumbai Fashion Week would be the ideal venue to showcase it.

Sanchita Ajjampur

” There are 28 dresses inspired by mythical garden and glamourous ball gowns. “I have used delicate muslins with flapper style linear structure with pinched waistlines,” says the designer. The colour palette ranges blues, greys, reds to gold, chalky hues and nude with braided and knotted garments. “The silhouettes I’ve used are not traditional and ethnic but also at the same time are not very tuxedo like and formal. It’s luxury resort and sport wear,” says Ajjampur.

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