The secret's around 'What's Your Raashee' is out

Sep 21, 2009, 07:02 IST | Tushar Joshi

The mystery surrounding What's Your Raashee is revealed after the film's premiere in Toronto

The mystery surrounding What's Your Raashee is revealed after the film's premiere in Toronto

Ashutosh Gowariker's What's Your Rashee premiered over the weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival. Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja attended the event along with the director. Arriving late for the show, PC signed a few posters and then rushed inside the theatre.

A HitList reader who attended the premiere sent us a detailed review and report on what to expect from the film. Post the film's screening, there are also various blogs on the Internet giving away most of Rashee's secrets - but let's not reveal the spoilers for now since there are still four days to go for the movie's release in India.

Calling the film above average, our reader claims that the second half is much better than the first.

Here's what you'll see...
>>The title of the film comes from a book that Harman's character (Yogesh) discovers upon landing in India from Chicago. The book is titled What's Your Rashee and talks about compatibility between different signs.
>>The first girl Harman meets is Anjali who's an Aries.
>>The last one who ends the series is Jhankhana - a traditional shy girl who's a Capricorn.
>>Priyanka features 12 times in the end credits with her name opposite all the signs she's portrayed.
>>The movie clocks in over three hours of run time.
>>The highlight of the film is Priyanka who has done a commendable job of playing 12 different characters and creating nuances that separate them all.
>>Harman has slightly improved since his debut film, though his on-screen chemistry with PC isn't that hot.
>>The film ends with the girl who Yogesh finally marries asking him, "So do you remember what my rashee is?"

Hum Chup Rahenge
The mail goes on to reveal the identity of the girl that Yogesh marries, and many other spoiler alerts, which have been held back in the interest of the film that releases this Friday.

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