The shame-proof girl!

Apr 18, 2013, 23:56 IST | Deepali Dhingra

There were a whole lot of unprintable things that singer Hard Kaur said in the conversation CS had with her.

But then, that’s what this Punjabi kudi’s all about — ‘shame-proof’ in her own words! Now that she’s turned music composer, the singer speaks about what music means to her and why she loves Kanye West:

Hard Kaur
Who: Hard Kaur
What: On composing music 
PIC/ Satyajit Desai

Music before everything
People ask me why I’m not trying my hand at acting. I think I can be a good villain or a good sidekick, but I don’t think I can do stuff that heoines do. Acting wise, I know India is changing, so if some crazy characters happen that require me, then I’m ready (smiles). But the new thing I’m doing now is that I have turned music director. I will be giving music to films my way. My first track is a Haryanvi-English number for Atul Agnihotri’s film. I’m also working on a couple of other films. I’m free to choose singers and I get to push new talent, which I’m real happy about. Unless you’re successful, people always give your family a hard time. There was a time when people used to tell my mother that she’s giving me too much freedom and I will misuse it. So now that I’ve managed to shut those people up and everyone’s happy, I can do what I want. Now, it’s my time. Acting and everything else can happen later. I love music before anything.

I am what I am
People call me shame-proof and it’s the truth. You see people around you doing wrong things to get to the top. It pisses you off but it doesn’t mean you join them. How does that make me a bad person? It’s because of this attitude of mine that I get less work. People think I’m crazy. But they haven’t seen crazy yet! (laughs) This is me being bice. I’ve not even beaten up anyone yet! (laughs) This is what I am, take it or leave it.

International outings
I’ve recorded with a lot of international artists but do I want to go back? The guys I worked with were good but I thought the others would think that she’s a really good rapper. But they’re thinking let’s make it big in India through her. So should I do it to show off to everyone here what I can do and I’m not happy about it? I want to be appreciated as a rapper than as somebody who can get work for you. So would I want to do it? I don’t know. If somebody spends the money and goes out of the way to get me to work with them, then it’s another thing. If I get to do a song with Kanye West, I’m happy. He’s a genius when it comes to real hip hop and making it commercial. If I get to sing one song with him, I can die happily the next day! (smiles)

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