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Sep 14, 2011, 07:57 IST | The Guide Team

A new salon in Santacruz offers grooming services exclusively for men

A new salon in Santacruz offers grooming services exclusively for men

Members of The Hairdressers' Association of Mumbai need not take offence. The term 'barber' gets shaved of any alleged derogatory references that it might have been weighed down by in the past. The same reason that forced the makers of Billu to reconsider their original choice of name for the 2009 film.

Started by the same people behind the unisex salon chain, Juice, The Barber Shop offers a variety of service specially targetted at the 'discerning' male. Signature services for the much-maligned metrosexual include The Neat Cut (Rs 150) or trim, The Regional (Rs 500) to cover greys, The Pressure (Rs 400) a head and shoulder massage, and The Spark (Rs 220), which they delicately refer to as 'the remedy to cover unwanted facial hair by layering it with rich oxygen-providing bleach'.

Models of planes and ships hanging suspended from the ceiling, to possibly reassure men of their virility or whatever else they might need to feel reassured about while they get their nails buffed and their cuticles pushed back, otherwise known as the 'manicure' (isn't it reassuring that the word has 'man' in it!).

Besides basic cut-and-shave services, other services for men include manicures, pedicures, facials, massages and customised services for hair loss and dandruff.

At: The Barber Shop, 7, Kings Acres, opposite Podar School, Santacruz (W).
Call: 65938464

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