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Aug 24, 2013, 03:14 IST | Kanika Sharma

Pernia Qureshi, a renowned stylist, is known for many reasons. From her pop-up shop to seamless associations with ace designers, she spills all her secrets in a book, that will be released soon

With the Fashion Week already underway, for audiences like us who can only gawk at the many designs on our television, computer and smartphone screens, the time has arrived to understand which Zara skirt clicks with that Forever 21 peplum top.

Pernia Qureshi

India’s answer to a fashionable approach for every girl, Pernia Qureshi, will be soon launching her book, Be Stylish with Pernia Qureshi, in paperback as well as in a limited edition. While the paperback edition will be priced at an affordable Rs 299, the limited luxury edition can be splurged upon with a sizeable Rs 1,000.

Pernia Qureshi
The luxury edition

“I was actually approached by Random House for the project,” relays Qureshi, in an email interview. Pondering upon why this million dollar idea wasn’t cashed upon before, Qureshi rightly remarks, “We felt that there was no fun guide to style in the market and this was really needed.” The show, What Not To Wear, has been immensely popular internationally along with the Soha Ali Khan and Aki Narula-helmed desi version. But, this is the first time a complete style compendium will be available.

Pernia Qureshi
Paperback edition of Be Stylish with Pernia Qureshi

“This book basically helps you discover your personal style, your body and then gives you the tools to look your best by optimising your potential,” avers Qureshi, who has teamed up with ace designers such as Manish Malhotra, Nishka Lulla, Rahul Mishra, Payal Singhal and more in her Ramp to Rack concept, this time. Her previous collaboration was with Masaba Gupta on her pop-up shop.

It was a given that Sonam Kapoor, the red carpet diva, will be a looming influence on the book as their friendship is common knowledge. Kapoor has penned nothing short of a foreword for the book. As a sneak-peek into the style guide, Qureshi divulges some meat between the bones, “We cover everything from body types, occasion dressing, weather dressing and accessories to the psychology of dressing.”

Knowing the popularity of her online magazine as well as the sold-out tag that hovers over most designs in her pop-up shop, we are sure that this would soon be off the shelves as it hits the market.

Be Stylish with Pernia Qureshi, Pernia Qureshi, R299 (Paperback) and R999 (Luxury Edition), Random House. Scheduled for October 2013 release.

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