Dil Buffering: The trail of Aanchal's reel and real life inspirations

Nov 10, 2017, 18:11 IST | midday online correspondent

Most girls admire guys who can make them laugh, feel secure and give them all the love and comfort, but Aanchal's story is a big different

Most girls admire guys who can make them laugh, feel secure and give them all the love and comfort. Similar is the case with Abby from the ongoing bindass' series Dil Buffering wherein she is looking for her Mr. perfect. But the journey to find the right love ain't that easy as she comes across many guys from different walks of life, all trying to win her heart. In the quest of finding true love, she is now meeting her new self i.e a passionate baker. Cricketer- Vikas, Artist- Sandeep, Young Entrepreneur- Gaurav, Doctor- Deepak, Abby beared them all. But on the other hand, Aanchal, who is essaying the role of Abby is far away from being floored by them. In real life, people from these walks of life have only inspired Aanchal and she shares her thoughts on few of her favorites with us today:

Artist - While Sandeep turned out to be a complete disappointment who fakes a persona to attract rich customer, Aanchal in real life admires none other than acclaimed artist M.F Hussain. The genuineness of his paintings is what attracts her the most to his art. She has been an ardent followed of his exhibitions and loved to see his extraordinance come live through his paintings.

Cricketer - Unlike Vikas who was full of himself, Aanchal looks up to the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar as she thinks that his sportsmanship is something that has really inspired her and many others too.

Young Entreprenuer - If she was an entrepreneur she wishes to be as hard working as Evan Luthra, she says at the age of 22 what he has done with his carrier graph is impressive and how he can turn original ideas into innovative and profitable business is commendable.

Lastly, Aanchal who has been playing a character to loves baking has found a new joy in it in real life too. And she credits the same to her Mother as she is an excellent cook apparently.

Stays tuned and watch the interesting turn of events unfold in the upcoming episode of Dil Buffering on Friday at 7pm only on bindass - linear and digital platforms

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