The truth behind Chitrangada's exit from 'Krrish 2'

Oct 12, 2011, 08:43 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Apparently, 'Krrish 2' producer Rakesh Roshan refused to pay for her extended staff

Apparently, 'Krrish 2' producer Rakesh Roshan refused to pay for her extended staff

Though the actress has stuck to her stance about date issues over her decision to walk out of Krrish 2, apart from the buzz that she felt her role was turning into a cameo, there is more to why Chitrangada Singh decided to opt out of the superhero flick.

What also irked the actress was the working style of producer Rakesh Roshan. Everyone in the industry knows that the filmmaker is tightfisted and that any unwanted expenditure on the sets has to be strictly avoided.

Something perhaps the actress was unaware of initially.

Says a source close to Chitrangada, "An actress is used to working with a paraphernalia around her which includes the make up person, hairdresser, attendants and her other staff who attend to her needs during the filming.
Normally the production house bears the costs of these people. Obviously, Roshan was in no mood to incur any additional expense apart from what the unit would supply."

Adds the source, "As Chitrangada's role was that of a mutant, the producer felt that the make up guys that he had hired for the film would be sufficient for her.
And that there was no need of incurring the cost of additional people with her."

Coupled with the fears about the length of her presence in a film that starred Bollywood biggies Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra and Vivek Oberoi, Chitrangada decided to step out. The makers then roped in Jacqueline Fernandes.

The source further maintains, "Chitrangada felt there was no point shelling out from her own pocket.

Considering the logistics of the project this is something she could not understand. Not that she is a big star who could afford to incur expenditure on the sets as well."

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