The ultimate food quiz: What's your culinary quotient, Mumbai?

Jun 12, 2015, 08:30 IST | Krutika Behrawala

Put on your thinking hats, the chef ones in this case. Take this quiz to find out if you can be trusted to whip up an evening meal or you’re likely to burn the kitchen down while making a simple omelette

What’s the difference between poaching and boiling an egg? Can you identify a Yuzu from a grapefruit? With most of us binge-watching reality cooking shows, and with new restaurants opening in Mumbai every week, take our culinary quiz to find out how you perform on the chopping board.



What your scores say

0-4: Mom, I need help!
Always wondered why you were never given to chance to light up a stove and cook something? Now, you know why. If you wish to put on kitchen gloves, we suggest you sign up for a beginner’s cooking class at the earliest. Or better still, ask mom.

kitchen test

5-7: Not star material, but you’ll survive the kitchen test
You may not be adept at the fine culinary skills but you have got your basics right. We’re sure your partner won’t go hungry, if you’re left in charge of whipping up an evening meal.


8-10: You’re the king/queen of the kitchen
You’re passionate about cooking, you keep a track of the latest culinary trends, map the world cuisines and know what goes on even in city restaurant kitchens. Well, if you ever end up opening your own eatery, we’d be the first ones to write about it!

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